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Listen in to what God has been speaking to Fairifield West recently and find hope for your soul.



Mark 5:19 says, "Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you."  The expression "go home to your friends" comes from one Greek word, oikos. Let's go public with our faith by taking Jesus to our world, our oikos.



It's not about living for Jesus, it's about Jesus living in you!  The Way of Jesus is about establishing life rhythms that create time and space for Jesus to work in your life and ultimately through your life. 


A lot of people do all they can to live for the Lord, but it’s time for a disciple-shift.  It is time for the Lord to live through His people.  It's not about your performance for Jesus, its about Jesus' presence in you.  This is more than a sermon series, this is a path to new life. 

Night Before Christmas

It’s the night before Christmas.  Some believe in Christmas.  Others do not.  And that’s just it, before belief in Christ, life is (at best) characterized as the darkest night.  The “night” is giving way to “the Light” and we see the beginning of real Christmas belief. 

Can I Get a Witness

The early church was commissioned by Jesus to be a witness.  Therefore, the Acts of the early church was ultimately the acts or actions of Jesus through the lives of His people.  So then, can I get a witness?


Inside Out

Only the gospel can forgive the past, give victory in the present and secure the future.  Only the gospel.  Therefore, we must know to whom we belong, know what we believe and know who we are to become.  And it is this Gospel that doesn’t just inform us, the gospel transforms us.