The Kenworthy's


Jeff and Angie Kenworthy


Who We Are

Hello!  Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Jeff and Angie Kenworthy.   We have been married for 30 years.   We met in high school and have lived in the same community all of our lives.   We are very involved in our church and our community.   Jeff has been in public service as a Fire Captain for 25+ years and acts as the Financial Director for Fairfield West Baptist Church.  Angie works in Human Resources and is an adjunct professor at Xavier University.    We are passionate about giving back to our community and raising funds to support many different programs.   For example, hosting the book author from “Heaven is for Real” to raise money for local kids to go to camp; Bikes for Kids program providing bikes for foster kids for Christmas; hosted book author Jake Olsen “Open Your Eyes” to raise money for The Miracle League Fields, Fairfield City Schools and sending kids to camp; leading a community-based group called LoveWorks which inspires others to pay kindness forward in our community.  We have visited the Philippines on four mission trips and look forward to spending more time there in the near future.  


What We Are Doing

In the  past, we have focused our efforts primarily in the U.S.   We would now like to expand our reach and now begin focusing on international programs as well.   We will be working with long-time missionaries Lance and Melanie Gotcher and Manna Worldwide in The Philippines.    We are excited to assist in building an orphanage, feeding children, planting churches, teaching classes and most of all sharing the gospel!  


How You Can Help

Great work has already begun in The Philippines with the leadership of The Gotcher family who have been in The Philippines for 18+ years.   Manna Worldwide also does an incredible job of feeding children around the world including The Philippines.   However, there is much more work that can be accomplished.   For example, we would like to raise $50,000 to help to open a much needed orphanage.   We would sincerely appreciate your prayers as we begin this endeavor.   If you would like to contribute financially to building the orphanage and spreading the gospel in The Philippines, you may do so by clicking below.   


Thank you for your prayers and support!  


Baptist Bible Fellowship International

P.O.Box 191

Springfield, Mo  65801

(417) 862-5001