The 513

Made "in the likeness of God," but not the same. Knit in our mother’s womb; uniquely,
wonderfully made and continually growing.
We are neither lacking, nor complete. Purposely one part of a whole. Not intended for isolation,
but designed for fellowship. Fellowship with the creator of the universe and with those he
This is what The 513 is about. We are a youth ministry focused on helping students
discover their purpose, uncover their strengths and connect to something bigger than
We believe that the world has set an unrealistic and untrue standard for students today. That we
are not created to know it all and be it all. That there is significance in humility, merit in
gentleness and power in love. That together we are better than apart. And that’s why we exist.
To reveal truth. To set students free to be who they were created to be. To celebrate
differences. And to build community.

Wednesdays - Ground Zero

Every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. The 513 gathers to connect, play, worship and
learn. Open to all students, in all walks of life, The 513 provides a safe and fun atmosphere for
students to interact with peers, sing to a live worship band and hear a message of hope and
acceptance. Our desire is that every student would know their individual value and would learn to
follow the call to live as one part of a whole in the body of Christ.


Every Sunday morning at 9:30am students have the opportunity to join together to grow
deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God. Through age appropriate Bible lessons we
strive to help every student understand who God created them to be, discover their personal
strengths and realize their purpose within the context of the whole group.

Events and Activities

Twice a month our students have the opportunity to just be students. With the pressure of this world,
The 513 is passionate about creating an atmosphere where students can have fun, connect
with peers, experience life together and build community. And did we mention have fun?