Bethany Dick


Who I Am

My story begins at day one.  I was born 2 1/2 months prematurely and was in NICU for the first 64 days of my life.  I had many surguies, countless doctors appointments and a variety of medical issues my entire life.  According to medical expectations, I was not suppossed to have any quality of life whatsover.  But by God's grace, He saved me.  

I grew up in a Christian home and was a pastor's kid.  I trusted the Lord as my Savior as a middle school student and I have been serving the Lord in the church ever since.  From an early age, I knew that God had special plans for me and that He left me on this earth for good reason. 

In 2011, I had my first trip to the Philippines.  This is when God gave me a burning desire to take the gospel to the Filipino people.  Upon returning from that trip, I pursued this calling that God had placed on my life.  I graduated from Boyce College, the undergraduate school of Southern Seminary, with a degree in Elementary Education and Missions. 

What I Am Doing

I am a missionary to the Philippines.  I love children and I love teaching them the love that God has for us.  This is why I  will be focusing on children's ministry while serving in the Philippines.  I will be investing in Sunday School, MANNA feeding centers, camps, outreaches, VBS and youth group ministries.  My goal is to build relationships with children and their families in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


How You Can Help

I ask you to pray for me as I undertake this exciting but uncertain adventure.   I believe that God answers prayer and if you would take time to pray for me and the peole I will be ministering to, God will hear and answer our collective prayers.   Please pray for provision.  It takes resource to go half way around the world in Jesus' name.  Pray for my ministry.  A great work has already been accomplished under the leadership of the Gotcher family so a wonderful foundation has been  laid that provides real access and opportunity to serve.  Please pray for my personal endurance and strength.  Some have voiced their concern that I am jumping out in faith as a single woman.  However, I am convinced this is God's plan for me and believe He will faithfully provide.  

In addition to prayer, you can help by supporting me financially.  It is not easy for a single woman to raise funds to be a missionary.  Many believe that it is best for men or married couples to go and not single women.  However, I am convinced in my call and I have the full support of my church; I am going.  Will you help me?  You can donate a gift or even designate reoccuring monthly support by clicking on the "donate" tab below.  

Thank you for your prayers!  Thank you for your financial support! 

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