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Who We Are



Being a part of the body of Christ is more than just attending a weekend service. Jesus never intended for us to live alone. We were created to live in relationship with Him while in community with others.   We then seek to know Jesus by just being with Jesus.


To grow as a Christian, you have to do
more than go to church, you have to be the church. Disciplines (life rhythms) are needed to worship well, effectively pray and grow in community.  This is less about religious activity and more about responding to the love of Jesus.  It is this love that leads us to become like Jesus. 



Generously giviing your life to God's work provides purpose, service to others, and glory to God. In this journey, we listen to learn, but we ultimately love others and lead them Jesus.  As we live life answering the call to follow Jesus, we grow in faith and faithfulness and do what Jesus did.



Rob Rosenbalm

Lead Pastor

Rob is married to Jessica, the teenage love of his life. They met through ministry events here at Fairfield West. Clearly the church has had a more profound impact on Rob personally than professionally. Much of Rob's success in ministry is a direct result of Jessica's investment in his life.  Together Rob and Jessica have 3 adult children who are now married; Jordan and Brandi, Tanner and Victoria, and Madison and Ian.  And have been blessed with 3 grandchildren; Ira, Kason, and Kyler. 

Daniel DeWitt

Teacher in Residence

Dan and his wife April have been married since 2001. They have four kids: the twins, Isaiah and Micah, Josiah, and Addilynn Joy. They live in Cedarville, OH, with their loyal dog Dorothy.


Dan serve s as Senior Fellow, Professor of Worldview & Culture, and Executive Director for the Center for Worldview & Culture at SBU (Southwest Baptist University) and is a published author in both adult and children's genres.  For more informaiton follow the link below.

Tanner Rosenbalm

Worship Pastor

Tanner graduated from Boyce College which is the undergraduate school of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary located in Louiville Kentucky with a Bachelors of Science in Worship and Pastoral Studies.  In addition to leading our morning worship each week, Tanner is overseeing the IT of the church's campus as well as the student ministry.  Tanner was married to Victoria in the spring of 2018.   In October 2020, Tanner and Victoria gave birth to their son Ira.


Brittany Robinson

Ministry Coordinator


Brittany coordinates  the C.O.R.E. areas of our ministry (communication, organization, recruitment and environment).  Brittany graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2010 with a Nursing degree which she used to practice as a pediatric nurse until 2021. She married her husband, Matt, in 2015 and they now have four children- the triplets Vivian (4), Rosalyn (4) , Reed (4) and Evelyn (1).

Jeff Kenworthy

Financial Director

Jeff came to our ministry in 2011 and is  on the executive leadership team.  After working in corporate America and serving as a Fire Captain in the Fairfield Fire Department, Jeff and his wife Angie retired his commission in the fire service to be missionaries to the people of the Philippines.  Upon return in 2020, Jeff leads in the business operations and finacial operations of the church. 


Jessica Rosenbalm

Executive Assistant

Jessica Rosenbalm is Pastor Rob’s wife and in 2011 began serving as his asistant. Jessica has unique insight into the life of the church and has proven to be an integral part of the ministry through the 20+ years of Pastor Rob’s service for Jessica has virtually served and supported every ministry of the church. In addition, Jessica is a partner in a photography business, a mom to 3 and a nana to 3.



  1. Founded in 1973 by a small group of Jesus followers who orginally met at Fairfield West Elementary School.  This is where we get our name, Fairfield West Baptist Church.
  2. In early 1974, our church purchased our current property and bult our first building.  This build still stands today. 
  3. By 1982, our church expanded and began an addition and our gymnasium on our campus,
  4. In 1990, our current sanctuary was constructed.  Since that time, several renovations have taken place including the addition of classrooms above the foyer.
  5. In 2013, additional parking was added to elimanate growth barriers. 
  6. In 2016 second floor was added to the gym for office space and adult classrooms.