About Us

At Fairfield West Baptist Church, we worship authentically by giving our lives to our Savior Jesus Christ in celebration and service, we grow spiritually through intentional study of the Bible and the fellowship of believers, and we minister compassionately to our members, our community and our world for the purpose of proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Christ. We believe that God is really amazing and that there is nothing better than learning to walk through life with and for Him. For that reason we are centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Message

From Our Pastor

Pastor Rob Rosenbalm

First, we want to say thank you for checking us out. We're pretty excited about what God is doing at our church and we're glad to have the chance to share that with you. We are a church centered in the gospel. The gospel is all about Jesus coming to our rescue; doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. Jesus took our sin and shame to the cross, paying the penalty of our sin by His death, but ultimately He raised from the dead to restore our relationship with God. In this redemption, we discover real meaning and purpose in a broken world. This isn't just good news, this is great news for all who call upon His name. Let me invite you to encounter Christ, explore His Word and celebrate life together.   


What We Believe

Our prayer for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed and loved. That you wouldn’t leave the building thinking about how cool our artwork was, how funny the preacher was, or how awesome the guitar player was. We want you to leave our gathering amazed at God’s radical love expressed through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries

We have a vast array of programs for you and your family to get involved in or serve with.  Each age group has opportunities to worship the Lord and study His Word in various arenas.  Check out the ministries page or contact us for more information or to explore how you can serve within these ministries.

Life Groups

Life Groups are small group ministries designed to connect people with one another in order to lift each other towards Christ. Each group should be a safe place for all persons to find real answers. These answers are not provided by an "answer person" but rather through the collective life stories of the members.